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Custom Design

Custom Design


Anything Is Possible

It's amazing what can be made with paper, glue, string, and a little bit of imagination. From journals and sketchbooks, to paper flora, boxes, jewelry, letterpress and more, Cannibal Paper Goods is happy to work closely with our customers on custom orders. From the perfect gift to wedding invitations and decor, if you can dream it, we'll help it come into being. 

Know what you want? Contact us! Looking for inspiration? Scroll down for some possibilities. 


Custom Sketchbooks

In the style of our original line of rebound books, have your favorite book turned into a one-of-a-kind sketchbook. We can turn any book you already own into a sketchbook - just send us the book, and we'll do the rest. Alternatively, we'll hunt down a copy of your desired title for you. We can also bind a sketchbook completely from scratch using new materials. 


Custom Journals

List-makers, writers, and artists know - not all journals are created equal. Our journals are designed to lie completely flat, allowing for every inch of the page to be fully accessed. Many different paper options are available with the option to mix and match, and we can create a journal for you that's virtually any size, from fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand to takes-up-the-whole-desk. 


Custom Paper Flora

A fun way to display your love for literature, or any other paper ephemera, from maps to love letters. Our paper flowers are all cut and constructed completely by hand, and can be made to nearly any specification - large, small, complex or simple. Orders can be as small as a single bloom or as large as needed - orders for weddings and events are welcome. 


Custom Jewelry

Represent your favorite books in a fun, subtle way! You can find an excellent selection of paper jewelry in our store, or contact us for a custom-designed piece featuring your favorite title. Paper jewelry is shellacked for longevity. A great gift idea, especially for bridal parties and special occasions.